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Frontier Ruckus + Grand Lark | Montreal

Frontier Ruckus + Grand Lark  |  Montreal

Saturday, January 24, 2014
Esco | 4467 St. Denis
Doors 9:00 pm | Show 9:30 pm

Welcome to Frontier Ruckus, world.

The band has played a thousand-some-odd shows in the past half-decade—across the States and Europe, as well as behind venues, after-hours, aside dumpsters till all requests have been met—but it is possible that this will be your first introduction.

Eternity of Dimming, the closing chapter of their suburban memory landscape series, is the embodiment of real things, real objects—a realness full of sad gladness and expiration dates. A catalogue so thorough in its literary scope of brutally tender pathos—a candid opening-up of a bottomless domestic junk-drawer, without omission or censor.